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  • Why is it necessary to remove 'unnecessary files'?  If the software were well written in the first place, there wouldn't be any
    left over 'unnecessary files'.  So basically it seems MS is trying to correct their mistakes.

    Why use MS defrag in the first place.  It hardly ever works properly, and if it does, you can check it with a quality defrag app.
    such as Perfectdisc, and see it really made no difference when defrag ran. 

    If you are using quality AV software, it is only necessary to scan your pc once, after you first install it.  If the AV software is capable of realtime scanning, which it should be, then it is redundant to keep running a scan.  It shouldn't get infected unless
    your AV definitions are out of date, or you turn off the AV software.  If such is the case, THEN you should run a scan.

    Check for files that 'might' need backing up.  Now thats a bit ludicris.  How could OneCare possibly know which personal files that I might need to backup?  A no brainer solution is to simply use Ghost, and ghost your machine.  That's pretty much the best way to backup your machine.  It only takes a few minutes to completely restore your machine to its Ghosted state.

    Check for high-priority security updates from MS.  Are you serious?  Any competent software would automatically check for said updates at startup, without having to go thru all the other BS associated with TuneUp.

    And before you ask, I have been using Windows since version 3.1.  I spent 8 years as a computer consultant to the US Army, and the US Marines.

    Just because its packaged with all these 'features', doesn't mean its the best thing available. And as I stated in an earlier post,  I will not purchase this software, until the option exists to disable most of tuneup.


    Sunday, January 6, 2008 5:04 PM

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  • Thanks for your comments. I don't think anyone said OneCare is the best possible solution for all people for all features. It is a very good all in one package that helps people who don't want to think much about the maintenance of their PC.

    Much of your thinking is incorrect, though, in my opinion.

    I'll hit each point:

    Cleanup - I don't bother with this option myself, so we are in agreement, however, I also know what to clean up manually. Many people do not.

    Defrag - It used Defrag in Windows and it works. It may not defrag the same as PerfectDisk, which I agree is a great product, but once again - it works.

    Yes, the on access protection should be protecting you at all times. However, if a threat has been downloaded and saved *before* the definitions were updated, the threat, while benign, is still preset and could potentially impact the system if you were to encounter a failure of the on access protection and accessed the file.

    Backup, I don't use OneCare backup. Well, I take that back, I just configured it to run on my wife's PC. Once you configure a backup plan, OneCare backup will keep a catalog of the files you have already backed up and will back up new and changed files. That's how it knows what to back up - you configure it.

    Automatic Updates *does* check for updates. There are times that a security update has been posted to Windows Update, but not yet made available to AU. This is simply a quick double-check to make sure nothing has been missed.




    Tuesday, January 8, 2008 2:38 AM