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  • My old Revo PDA (Symbian OS) had a very, very nice feature missing from Windows Mobile.  It would convert emails synchronized with Outlook to operate with a POP3 server.  That enabled me to reply to email on the road and have it sent right away, without having to wait until the next sync.

    I can emulate this on WM6 by opening the email on the Outlook account, clicking "Reply All", scrolling down through the message, clicking "Edit Sender's Message", holding down the stylus to enable "Select All", then repeating that to get "copy", then cancelling the message, opening up a new message on a POP3 account, deleting the signature, pasting the message in the text area, copying the subject from the pasted message into the subject of my new message, copying the From and CC from the pasted message into the To and CC areas of my new message, and finally editing my reply.

    That's the kind of tedium I buy computers to relieve me from.

    MS could one-up the Symbian feature by allowing POP3 transmission from the Outlook account directly.  With my solution, I need to bcc my Outlook account so that eventually I'll have a copy of the message on my desktop.  If MS allows the POP3 transmission from the Outlook account, a message sync will take care of that.
    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:57 PM