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  • With the release of the MS Surface I'm finding pretty much no need for my laptop so once the surface pro hits in a few months I'll be ditching the laptop and doing a desktop only with the surface pro as my portable system.

    I just recently built a WHS 2011 server, that hardware wise IS a desktop tower...Currently it has a Core i3 with 8GB's of RAM...When I make the switch I will be putting the 240GB Cherryville SSD from my laptop into it to use as a system drive since the board does have sata 6/gb ports (should be FAST). I would also likely swap out the Core i3 for a Core i7 then up the RAM to 16GB's and install Windows 8 Pro on it. In doing so I'm considering installing WHS 2011 to a virtual machine. Considering it's a desktop, there's little to no need to ever shut it down so WHS can run 24x7 as it does now. It would then be my primary work system (I work from home in office apps and web all day) with WHS in a VM.

    Anyone ever try this? Have issues with it? Bad idea? If so, why?

    The other option I'm considering is ditching WHS 2011 all together in favor of Win 8 Pro and just keeping my remote server (that currently resides about 20 miles away; my local WHS server backs up to it every night; maybe use my WHS 2011 license to upgrade that one instead (HP EX495). The only negative effect of this is the remote users (friends / family) who's systems currently backup to my WHS server would have to find another solution for themselves; or I'd have to have them backup to the remote one instead.

    All/any input appreciated!

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  • I would recommend pretty strongly against doing this, for a whole host of reasons. Instead, use the free HyperV Server 2012 and run both your desktop and your Windows Home Server instances as virtual machines. But you're really best off having your server on it's own hardware, separate from your desktop machine.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)

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