is 78GB in the gacbase holdiong folder normal? RRS feed

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  • Hi guys,

    Here's my situation, have installed Live Mesh on Windows Vista SP2 Beta (x64) (computer A, logged in as LiveID A) and on Windows Home Server (Computer B, logged in as LiveID B).  Yes, I know WHS is officially unsupported, but its a Beta, so you push the boundaries.

    I'm usuing this primarily for P2P folder synching.  Previously I was using Synctoy 2.0, which was good, but relied on a manual run.  Yes, I could schedule it, but I like real time :-)

    Inititally I used it on a couple of small user document folders and everything worked well. Note, that the synch on WHS was directly to d:\shares\user\documents.  Again, I know not officially supported, but had seen some posting showing no issues, so took the risk (and had a backup to save my hide).  As this worked well, I thought I'd synch my music folder between computer A and B.  Not this is lage, with just over 100GB.  I set the initial synch from Computer B (again to d:\shares\music), sent the invite to LiveID A and then sent the synch on computer A to the existing folder which should have been synched due to synctoy.  Anyway, on WHS (PC B) I noted on the livemesh status it was downloading 100GB.  Slightly scared (as I'm in Australia, and we dont have unlimited broadband, and get monitored on uploads and donwloads) i crossed my fingers and let the bugger run.  After a while I noticed a few services on WHS failing so had a look and the c: drive had run out of disk space.  I shut down the live mesh process, moved the gacbase folder (which was about 8GB) to the d: drive, set a NTFS Junction up between the old path and the new path and restarted live mesh and it continued along its merry way.

    Now, thankfully the P2P worked fine, and pretty much all traffic was carried over my local network.  But on both Machine A and Machine B I now have 78GB Gacbase folders.  I dont know if I should just delete the files in the holding area, or what.  the cleanupmoe.bat doesnt appear in my mesh program folders than I can see (was it dropped from distribution in later releases?) so I dont have that to run.  Is it worthwhile logging a bug, or is the fact that I'm running WHS (and now junctions) an unsupported configuration so will get ignored.  Everything seems to be running smoothly except this large amount of wasted drive space!

    Would appreciate any thoughts or exprience!

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 9:42 AM


  • Did you get a notice about conflicts? I believe those files in gacbase are conflicting files. Resolving all conflicts should address this.
    Syncing music files is a problem because media player keeps modifying the files (updating meta data like last played).
    Stefan Krueger, Microsoft MVP - Windows Installer, www.InstallSite.org
    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 1:43 PM