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  • As a long time Palm devotee and rather recent WM6 convert I am still befuddled by the reduction in cut/paste functionality on my Verizon XV6800.  The switch from Palm to Windows Mobile has made using my cell/pda more difficult, not easier. 


    During my Palm years I used SplashID to store all things confidential.  If I needed a password or a registration number all I had to do was open SplashID, copy what I needed and paste it in the relevant field.  Simple.  Worked every time.


    Now even though I have a touch screen PPC cut and paste means using the on screen keyboard for ctrl c and crtl v.  That is not onerous, but not as simple as the Palm touch screen. 


    Even worse, Windows has "secure" data entry fields where one has to manually enter data, generally for passwords.  As I try to use long and complicated password strings cut and past works, manually entering most often means entering the password multiple times because I am bound to make an error manually keying in the password.


    Even third party apps just make it easier to cut and paste, but none of them can paste into "secure" data entry fields.  If someone knows of an app which allows cut and paste in all apps and data fields, please let me know.


    This is not a small problem for users like me.  We need to be able to cut then paste that date into any application and/or data field without resorting to manual entry. 


    Windows Mobile folks, please help me stay on the WM6 path and not have to revert back to the dark side for simplicity of use.


    Best regards.



    Thursday, March 27, 2008 3:34 PM