Can not install Home server RRS feed

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  • Following a frustrating week trying to troubleshot why I am unable to connect to the server from my Vista machine and trying without success to re-install the connector software after uninstalling the connector software I gave up and decided to go for a server re-install. The two months prior to all this the server and connector software were running perfectly.

    Now when I try a server re-install or full install the installation starts by copying files for a while then I see a Windows Home Server tag line and a little animated "I am working" graphic below. After about three or four minutes the screen goes blank and nothing more happens other than the drive "working" light stays on.

    When I abort the install and reboot the server my original server setup is running just fine other than an error message telling me one or more services did not start. I can still remote desktop to the server, I can still open the server console via Remote Desktop and everything appears normal except I am still unable to install the connector software on the client. I am able to Ping the server by IP and server name as well as my IP camera and network printer - all from the Vista client.

    1. How do I get the connector software to install and if that is too difficult -

    2. How do I do a new install.

    The original install was a Beta with an OEM re-install over it. Again everything was running just fine until last week when I first was unable to connect to the server via connector.

    Help, help, help - I can neither fix it or re-install it.

    Thursday, July 10, 2008 3:57 PM


  • Are you able to do a clean install or do you need to retain the old data?


    I would kill the system partition (the 20 gigs C: drive) and recreate it then format it. Then try the reinstall. If you are not worried about losiing data I would clear all partition data from the first / system drive and do a clean install.


    If you have multiple drives w folder duplication you should be able to do a reinstall w a wiped system drive and retain your data but it might be wise to backup the data externally by hooking the drives up to a client machine and copying your shared folders off.



    Friday, July 11, 2008 2:17 AM