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  • Because Internet Security software either hangs up one's computer for ages doing it's thing or runs into some kind of glitch, I decided back in June to replace Trend Micro on 3 computers with MS Live OneCare to see if it would run better.  The first thing I noted was the price - $49.00 USD.  NO WHERE was there any other price indicated or even suggested.  Since I had paid $99 NZD for Trend Micro on 3 computers, I made the decision that MS Live OneCare offered equivalent value at $49 USD since it lacked email spam features and other fine tuning like being able to turn the TuneUp feature off all together since most of it is useless.  I also missed the ability to enact a complete computer scan for viruses at will.  As I said, given the short comings, the price seemed right. 


    As we all know, changing 3 computers over to a new internet security system is not like just turning on a light switch -- it takes time -- lots of it.  So there is a substantial investment in making the change to a new product.


    As the free subscription was running out and a paid subscription needed to be undertaken -- I proceeded to try to purchase a subscription a couple of weeks ago.  I logged onto the www.microsoft.com website as normal and went to download free software to pay for the software.  Everything was cool -- the webpage still indicated that the price was $49 for US/Canada, Australia, Singapore, NZ (only).  Cool, fine, I added it to the shopping basket and proceeded to check out.  Not so fast, only when you get further along in the purchase process does a note in small print appear saying that you can only proceed if you live in the US.


    So, I tried a different route and opened up the Live OneCare on my computer and it took me to a subscription payment screen.  HOWEVER -- the price was a whole lot different -- a whopping $119 NZ dollars (that is over $50 NZ Dollars above the US price taking into account the exchange difference).  Quite simply -- this is bait and switch which is illegal in both the US and NZ.  The Commerce Commission thinks I have a good case to present to the courts for bait and switch since MS in represented in NZ.  But first, I tried for a 2 days to reason with MS reps that they had represented the price as $49 USD on their website from the start and that is all that I should be paying and was willing to pay that amount.  But no, everyone along the way insisted that because I lived in NZ I would have to pay $119 NZD -- EVEN THO Microsoft's own webpage indicates $49 US dollars good for NZ !!!   Screw that, say I  !!!!  Away with MS Live OneCare and bring back the Trend Micro.  Next Step -- NZ courts, here I come.  Sad overture after 25 years of supporting MS products and even selling them back in the 1980's.  Waste my time and I'll waste yours !!


    No longer a supporter, only a disgruntle user.

    Friday, August 15, 2008 12:22 AM

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  • I'm sorry that you're a disgruntled user. Pricing for each region is set by Microsoft's regional offices. I am in the US, so I can't see the OneCare pages for other countries, but it would appear that you were looking at the offer page for the US. The US FAQ advises what countries OneCare is available in, but it does not advise the pricing for any country other than the US. I don't know where you saw a page advertising that pricing for your country, but I would suggest that you check the language setting in your web browser and the region settings in the OS to make sure that you are properly directed to local pages when available.



    Friday, August 15, 2008 2:13 PM