redirect (or display alert) if not ie RRS feed

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  • Hello - My CRM dev team is about to apply rollup update 13. I think rollup 13 includes support for other browsers besides IE.

    My dev team wants to prevent other browser types from accessing CRM simply because extensive testing would need to be done.  I suggested that a browser validation check could be done on the home page and display an alert if the user's browser is not IE.  2 team members raised a concern that this change would be an "unsupported" change.

    I'm guessing that other companies have been in the same position as we are right now. I would think that MS would give CRM dev teams the option to easily block other browser types.  So has MS included some type of administration setting through the UI in the latest rollup to give CRM admins the option to easily block non-IE browsers ?

    If this is not the case then have you implemented an elegant custom solution to enforce this constraint?

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013 11:47 PM