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    I use Synctoy to sync my documents either via vpn or wlan. I am using a Vista Laptop and an XP desktop. I simply sync my folder with a full shared folder.

    The problem is security. I don't like (full) sharing personal folders all the time and so, I would like Synctoy to be able to login to a network share using credentials.

    I know it is possible to access a computers non shared drive (using \\computer\d$ - and using credentials). Synctoy should be able to do a \\xpdesktop\mydocs$ , after that it gets promped for an username and password.

    I tried maping a network share as a driver but I dont know for what reason I can't do a \\xpdesktop\d$ from the laptop (says username/password are wrong, but they aren't) but from the XP desktop i can do a \\vistalaptop\d$ (put my u&pwd) and see all the folders on the laptop.

    Synctoy is such a great tool I really hope I can find a way around this security issue. Any feedback on mapping a simple shared folder as full shared (to allow overwrite and such) is welcomed.


    Thursday, February 14, 2008 10:26 AM