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    To whom it may concern:


    First and formost I understand and agree most of the time with MS on protection of OS and Apps along with Programs.


    With that being stated, MS has caused alot of confusion for the average consumer and (service centers) just trying to get thier Computer OS, App, MS Programs to run w/out critical errors shutting down, locking out, or allowing to run with limited access that will not allow corrective action to be done.


    I have ran into these problems on all MS OS platforms. Along with Apps added MS programs

    Regaurdless of COA WAN etc.


    I am not an IT person however I have been working with MS OS platforms going back MS DOS 1.0.

    I have up graded as the years have passed.

    Rule Number 1. With new Windows based OS buy a new computer that will spec out on with the new OS.

    Rule 2. Do not try to install a new OS into a computer that ran an earlier version of windows based OS.

    If you due this it will cause many late night patching etc.


    Once you have bought a couple complete computer hardware Monitor printer etc, most of the time I just purchase a new desktop with new motherboard and OEM software including NEW OS,w/correct motherboard specs and plenty of Ram and so on.


    Yet when we the consumer play by the rules that MS has laid out for us, ERRORS are a fact of life with all MS platforms.

     With COA WAN and HASH MS has really put alot of us out in the cold.

    We can not fix our own problems and most of the time a phone call to the service vender is completely useless when I know more then the so called expert on the phone.


    MS is king of the PC world, years ago I gave up and started to run strickley MS APPS and Programs that were designed for a particular OS. Thinking good my late night hours are over.

    HA I fell into that trap along with many other consumers.

    MS has a real problem with TRUSTING the consumer who is running OEM or Retail MS OS,software.


    MS was the golden goose who could have maintained king of the PC market with XP PRO running with MS OFFICE 2003. A solid backbone of an OS and Software package that kept most consumers and bussinesses happy.


    MS has a bigger problem than the consumer who is trying to keep home computer systems up and running.  I feel and many others also feel we are guilty until proven otherwise,  when we the consumers are trying to keep our personal home computers up running with out the stress of having a critical programming error causing many late nights away from our bed. Instead we spend hours trying to figure out how to salvage the current settings documents updates etc, w/out doing a complete reinstall.  The recovery feature was suppose to be the silver bullet to save the consumer from spending hours fixing patching etc.


    The recovery rollback sure did look good on paper and many of us bought into this new feature. Well now back to square one.


    The consumer must stay on top of backups, on a daily basis or risk spending hours of lost sleep.


    Regaurdless how good of a back up plan you have in place, at some point again hours will be spent on patching reinstalling the orignal factory default OS  settings.


    No matter how well you have thought your backup up plan thru, data part of a document or some other vital peice of the OS will cause loss of sleep and frustration.  


    The weak link in MS OFFICE 2003 was MS Word 2003. This comes from hands on experiance working for one of the world largest metals company.


    My tast was working with sensitve, highly guarded documentation. The entire Company used MS Office 2000 then Office 2003. Most computer software was in one neat package.

    With Outlook as the backbone, information could be shared, gathered,researched and so on.


    However with MS Word 2000 or MS Office Word 03 US Corps Global and non Global corps

    hit a snag. If data, documentation was created using MS Word; Corps could  be in a position of  software security crisis allowing sensitive guarded documentation being exposed to non authorized personal internal and external.


    With all being equal MS perhaps should try and keep the consumer happy while Corps Globally are slowly starting to add non MS software like adobe for documentaion that needs to be secure.


    Perhaps MS should due everything possible to keep its consumer base happy with OPEN SOURCE  software that is cheap or free that has all the features of MS OFFICE.


    MS you have great products yet please work on a way to keep your consumers happy when wer need help.


    For what is was worth I have spoken out loud on how I feel and many others.



    Thursday, May 22, 2008 3:03 PM