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  • I've been using Windows 10 Remote Desktop for a number of years now and it has worked brilliantly, unfortunately I need to find an alternative that is just as good!

    At home, I have an office with my own powerful PC, large monitor and cordless keyboard/mouse.  It's a very nice working environment!  As an IT contractor, I frequently work at home for clients and my current client provides a laptop containing all the necessary software and access to their own network/systems.  This means I have to use the laptop even when working at home.  I have achieved this by using Windows 10 Remote Desktop to connect to the laptop, which then allows me to use the FULL resolution of my large monitor and access all the software on the laptop while sitting in my office.

    My client has recently upgraded their systems and have now removed access to Remote Desktop on work laptops, meaning I can no longer connect to it from my own PC.  Not a problem, I thought, I'll use Team Viewer instead.  Unfortunately, Team Viewer only provides the resolution of the machine being connected to, so I'm unable to use the full resolution of my large monitor.  Essentially, I can open a Team Viewer window on my own PC, but the window resolution is exactly the same as if I was working on a 14" screen.  Consequently this setup is not as productive as it used to be using Windows Remote Desktop.

    So, to my question, are there any products that allow remote connection (without using Windows Remote Desktop) but allow the controlling PC to use a larger resolution monitor to access a PC with a smaller monitor i.e. a laptop.  There are lots of packages, but none seem to specifically advertise this feature, so I assume, like Team Viewer, it isn't possible.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

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