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  • I built my WHS using stuff on hand, and then updated and changed some hardware.  The board is an ECS nForce3-A with AMD Sempron 3100+ processor and 1023.45 MB of RAM.  The board only has two SATA ports which currently have a 465.76 GB Seagate and a 698.64 GB Seagate.  The primary IDE port has a 186.31 GB Maxtor drive and that drive is the system drive.  Duplication is turned on for all Shared Folders.  146 GB is used for PC backups, 20 GB for System, and 238 GB (times two) for the Shared Folders.  This leaves 52% free.  At the moment WHS is reporting everything is healthy.

    I have a laptop that is sometimes on my network, and is backed up by the WHS when it is connected.  While the backups have always worked fine, I keep on getting messages saying that WHS does not have the correct password for this machine.  I have reentered the laptop's password into WHS but the messages keep on coming.  I have been ignoring them since everything else seemed to be fine.

    A couple of times I have been unable to access the WHS Console as it would say my password is wrong.  The first time this happened I tried to Remote Desktop into the WHS and was not able to.  Eventually I powered down the WHS.  When I brought it back up all behaved fine and I was able to use the WHS Console.  This happened twice.

    The other evening when I turned on the laptop I got a message that the WHS system partition was failing and that I should run repair on it.  When I tried to run the WHS Console I was told my password was wrong.  Once again all I could do was power down the WHS.  When it came back up it said all the drives were healthy.

    I am concerned that the Maxtor IDE system drive might be failing (I have had a run of bad luck with Maxtor drives).  If I were to buy another IDE drive (say a 500 GB Seagate), how can I move everything to the new drive and get rid of the apparently failing drive before anything worse happens.  Would it help to do the new Update before changing the hard drive?
    Friday, August 8, 2008 3:38 AM