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    I'm sorry if this question has already been answered elsewhere, but I really did look to see if it was already answered.


    I have a single computer with three accounts on it. OneCare seems to think that I have three computers, or something like that. Is there anyway to eliminate this confusion?


    Another possibly related issue:

    Last time I did a backup, it only used a single disk. Now it is telling me that I may need "up to 6 disks" and that the estimated time till completion is "2 hours". I know that the disk I was using was getting pretty full. So I'm just wondering if, after the backup file size is beyond the capacity of a single disk, OneCare automatically estimates the use of up to 6 disks is nessisary.

    My only other ides was that OneCare is backing up my computer three times on account of the three accounts on my computer. This is why I'm posting this question in this forum instead of the Backup forum.


    Thanks in advance.

    Saturday, December 29, 2007 6:58 PM


  • When OneCare is installed on a PC it is one installation or one computer, though you may have to associate it with your subscription LiveID when you sign in for the first time on the other accounts from the one you installed and subscribed under.

    On each login, open OneCare and click HelpAbout. Does it show a different subscription ID?

    As for the backup, if you backed up last with version 1.6 and are now using version 2.0, there may well be more files selected to backup. Open the backup configuration to see what types of files are being chosen to back up. You can exclude folders or unselect types of files you don't want to back up.

    Backup will only run once, as will Tuneup, and the backup is per PC, not per login.

    However, if instead of logins for Windows, you mean that you have a dual boot or multi-boot PC, meaning 2 or more individual operating system instances to boot to, then you actually have more than one PC as each OS is a PC to OneCare.



    Tuesday, January 1, 2008 10:12 PM