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  • I have documented problems with GA for some time now.  A typical example is the run away condition in which GA tries to check privileged memory 600 times a second bringing my otherwise acceptable computer down to a level of lousy performance.


    Also this BS about it being an GA being an advantage while actually peeking over my shoulder to make sure my legitimate software is Legitimate is paranoia and disfunctionality of the first rank.  I paid my good money for a system which would help me, and instead I get this.


    The fact is, most counterfeiting abuse, world wide, can be tracked to the fact that people recognize when they are being overcharged for something that should cost less than a 10th of what it being sold for...how much does it cost for you to package one of your products seeing that the substantive part of your offering can be copied for pennies?  The pirates demonstrate the overcharging by delivering at a 10th of your rates.  


    In such a case, we can say that individuals should be responsible and obey the law and still at the same time make a good case for the validity of the statistics of the amount of law breaking as a fair indicator that the establishment is imposing unethical and amoral standards that should in no case be imposed.


    If you don't want counterfeiters, then charge a fair price and they will all go away.


    What you people fail to understand that doing the right thing will, in fact, bring about a better result than what you are doing.  Tightening your belt and doing things more effectively and substantively would go a long way to making more computer power available to everyone.  Instead we have machines that take a thousand times as much resources to do functionally less.  For example I know of a chess game that ran on an old computer with a 200000 hertz clock that could beat almost anything out there on you machines that are almost 25000 times as "fast".


    That being the actual case, it is pathetic that you deliver anything but stellar performance with or without GA and this is generally true for all Microsoft products.


    Friday, July 13, 2007 7:00 PM

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