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    I've owned my new phone, a Blackjack II for about a day now, and I really enjoy the many features it has.


    Still, I find one feature lacking and it's something that could really be helpful...


    Alright, put simply, my contacts looks a bit cluttered because I have not only contacts on my SIM card from my previous two phones (Samsung E317 and LG CU720 SHINE), but the Outlook/Smart Contacts.  What I think would be a nice thing to see is a way to "link" SIM contacts to an Outlook profile, thus removing quite a bit of the clutter.


    Here's why I'm saying this, it's not only the clutter, it's because an old prefference of mine from my previous two phones is absent, the ability to link a caller ID to a SIM contact.  On my E317, which was my longest lived phone (2.5 years), I was able to choose a contact, have multiple numbers to just one contact, and it was stored to the SIM.  Also, I could configure Caller IDs to each SIM entry (this information was stored on the phone though), rather than having my entire phonebook on the phone itself.


    Windows Mobile is a nice little OS for a phone, but the clutter in the contacts is unappealing.


    Another little idea that came to mind for me was actually along the lines of giving wallpapers to the "windows".  By this, I mean just have like, a faded image of the user's choice as the background of the various menus while the user isn't at the home screen.  This may not seem well for a work phone, but for the casual user like myself, this could be pretty nice to have.


    Just a few little things that came to mind.  Keep up the good work!

    Thursday, October 23, 2008 10:03 AM