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  • My sons's xbox account was hacked. The other user was shutting off our internet, copied my secure info and sent it to a redroom, sending us numerous packets. I called microsoft and x-box. All I got was sent from one person to the other. Then I was told to report this person which my son has done numerous times. I've changed my password several times as well. I finally was told to call my internet company to ask them to give me a new IP address. Is this all they can do? No reprocussion for the accused?!! I thought this typw of behavior was illegal? No charges? I even have his user name and where he lives.
    Thursday, October 24, 2019 10:56 PM

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  • Sorry to hear this. It must be very distressing.

    These forums are probably not the best place for help.

    I would suggest you'd get much better help here - https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbanswers/forum 

    I'd never heard of a redroom, after a brief rabbit hole read and I have lost another bit of my innocence :/

    I think you misuse the term though, and not sure what you mean by that part.

    No, my personal opinion is I don't think it is Microsoft's responsibility to deal with this. They sell the hardware and the operating system is hard coded, as I understand it? So what happens to it is not for them to fix, like you can't blame a PC manufacturer if your computer is hacked.


    It must be very distressing and in an effort to help, this is what I can think of:


    1. Change your password again, make sure it is complicated and not a pattern you use for anything else. Many people think they have a good system like email is hotmail0987654321 and amazon0987654321 but if someone gets one password, they can easily guess the pattern.

    2. Maybe there is a problem somewhere else on your network, which is re-infecting your Xbox? Routers and Modems can often be infected if you do not keep the firmware up to date. Check the rest of your network, including network devices, PCs, smart devices, etc

    3. If you go to your https://account.microsoft.com/ you can add two factor authentication, so as to include your phone as a second line of defence. This is good advice.

    4. You are probably in your rights to contact your local police about the matter, if it is persistent harassment and identity theft is involved.

    5. Also on the Microsoft account site there is a page somewhere that shows all the logins to your account. The IP address and hence the rough location.

    6. Maybe someone is getting into your network through your WIFI, which can be sniffed from the street and (depending on your type of WIFI), may be exposing your password. Change that too and see if it stops?


    Best advice has to be lock down with two factor auth, clean and update every network device you have, use  strong passwords and discuss on the Xbox forums.


    All the very best and good luck finding a solution and peace of mind


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    Thursday, October 24, 2019 11:25 PM
  • You can file a complaint here.




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    Friday, October 25, 2019 2:32 AM