Dealing with a Virus which could attack my C:\ drive. Would this transmit to my external G:\ backup? RRS feed

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  • I joined SyncTop on 26/12/09, with version 2.1. I downloaded the software without much problem, and then set up my C:\ drive & G:\ external drive folders. I tried to cover most of the folders/files, etc. found on C: and set up similar folders on the G drive. I probably should have set up many more folders as most of my C: folders were very large and took a long time to process later. 
    Over the past few days I've spoken to a friend about SyncTop and the benefits of this Microsoft backup system. One of his points which I could not answer was: what happens if a virus were to get into and infect my C: drive? Would it find its way into my G: backup drive? And, some other issues might arise, Example: Unless I'm Previewing and/or running SyncTop should I disconnect my G:\ drive and only connect it when I want to carry out a backup from the C: drive?
    I don't know of any external sources where I can get answers to these two questions. And, thank you for any advice you can give me.
    I have a DELL Dimension 5000; Basic Office 2003 Software; Microsoft Works 8; Windows XP Pack 3; G:\ drive is an external 1T Seagate, connected to mains; and, the computer by a a USB2.  A separate DVD/CD read/writer(drive F). On board the computer is a CD/DVD read/writer(driveD); A 3.5" floppy read/write drive is drive A.
    I have recently (6 weeks ago) paid a subscription to iYogi which company will take care of any computer problems which may crop up during the next 12 months.
    Please ask for additional info., as required? 
    Tuesday, January 5, 2010 3:20 PM