The list of forums you see when doing a Move is incorrect RRS feed

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  • When doing a Move in the old system, the list of forums that appeared was centered among (it was the last forum listed) the forum you were posting from.

    This meant that when posting to the correct forum for the same set of products (which is what I do over 95% of the time with the rest going to Off-topic), the forum I was moving to was either already listed in the visible part of the entry box (just above the forum I was moving from) or was listed just below (requiring a step down action).

    Now the list of forums is always the first set of forums alphabetically. Fine for those whose forums are listed there, but terrible for the rest of us who have to scroll and scroll (and overshoot) the forums we want to move to.

    Please bring back the old system. It is far more efficient.

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    Saturday, March 28, 2009 7:16 AM