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  • 1. I have a laptop and desktop computer.  The desktop has 2 HDs, 1 SSHD (for OS only - ~40g), 1 regular with 1 TB.  I want to sync my laptop desktop, documents, and downloads folders and have them ALL be localized on 1 folder on the 1 TB HD on my desktop computer.  Can windows mesh accomplish such a feat or should I be looking for a new sync software with more capabilities?

    2.   Coupled with question 1, is there anyway I can select the HD that the synced folders will end up?  Windows mesh only recognizes 5.20 gigs remaining on my desktop computer because it is only considering the SSHD.  My 1 TB has MUCH more. 

    3. [EDIT] One addition question, does windows live mesh autonomously sync regardless if 1 computer is turned off?  For example, if I'm working on my laptop and my desktop is turned off.  I go home and turn on my desktop, will my files be there ready to go or will I have to start mesh and sync?  

    Thanks in advance!

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011 5:30 PM