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  • I have been trying to find a good method of working with solutions for packaged products. Including the updates needed. Most of the time updates will be minor. But occassionaly plugin types are deprecrated or properties are changed. Currently I am facing a problem with the following:

    • I have a solution A imported this into a target organisation.
    • Next I have modified the customizable property of a web resources from true to false
    • Created a new solution B containing the same components as A (this is needed to facilitate changes such as deleting of plugin types)
    • Imported soltution B onto the target organisation
    • Deleted solution A from the target organisation
    • The webresource i still customizableNext I import the solution B again with the option "overwrite unmanged customizations" set to true. This fails with the message that it cannot find one of the resource for with the customizable property was changed
    • Created a new solution C containing the same components as A and B
    • Imported this into the target organisation. This succeeds but the customizable property is not updated.
    • When I import the solution B again with the option "overwrite unmanged customizations" set to false. This succeeds and the customizable property is updated.

    For all three of these scenarios I would expect the import to succeed and the customizable property to be updated. Does anyone have experiences with similar issues or is there any more information available on how updating and merging of the solutions actually work.


    Patrick Verbeeten

    W: www.wavextend.com
    W: www.patrickverbeeten.com
    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 12:08 AM

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  • Hi Patrick,

    The documentation and blogs which are available for Solutions are at very high level (good of sales folks, doesn't help devs :)). I hope CRM 2011 Solutions team will release more information about how each Solution component behaves under different solution layers and configurations. Its bit of a mystery currently.

    Problems like yours may be investigated by looking at the DB tables. Few tables whose peek between your imports may clear some of the mystery are

    dbo.SolutionBase - solution layers are stored here

    dbo.SolutionComponentBase - relate with layers and see if your components

    MetadataSchema.ManagedProperty - relate iscustomizable and other metadata properties with your attributes and see the behavior

    Manny Grewal || Australia
    Thursday, August 18, 2011 6:59 AM
  • Thanks for this info Manny.
    Currently I have several SQL scripts to correct the various problems I am experienceing during an update. However I would like to prefer not having to modify this information using SQL (web service is not an option as this would allow these changes due to managed settings). This because I need to support CRM Online.


    Patrick Verbeeten

    W: www.wavextend.com
    W: www.patrickverbeeten.com
    Thursday, August 18, 2011 7:14 AM