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  • Hey folks,

    Two extremely annoying things keep happening over and over again.


    First: MOE.exe crashes and restarts permanently on one client, not on my laptop.

    Second Live Mesh keeps on syncing even though two folders are already in sync. Live Mesh seems to know this as it puts the a computer tag in the filename of those files which are getting resynced.


    E.G. music is kept in sync across my PC and my Laptop, both folders are in sync, then it resyncs and puts a (workstation) tag in the filename, this is soooooo frustrating, this also happens with other folders e.g. my synced trillian history .txt and .xml files.


    Pls help me!


    Monday, December 20, 2010 12:51 PM



    Since you are referring to Windows Live Mesh, not Live Mesh - www.mesh.com, you are in the wrong forum.


    For discussion of the new Windows Live Mesh (formerly Sync), (as well as the released Live Sync version) go here:



    That said, your problem with the duplicates is due to the fact that your media/music player is updating metadata on the files so each machine is updating independently and Sync sees the files as changed on both sides, hence you get duplicates since Mesh doesn't know which version you want to keep.

    That's obviously the same scenario with your Trillian files - the same file name on both machines is being updated on both machines. The problem would not happen if you only updated the files on one machine at a time, however, if Trillian or your media player autostart and update data shortly after login, you'd still see the duplicates if Mesh didn't sync before the updates happened on the 2nd machine.


    I can't tell you why moe.exe is crashing. I'd pursue that on the other forum for Windows Live Mesh.



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    Monday, December 20, 2010 1:17 PM