Word 2010 fix needed -- don't wrap two trailing spaces at the end of a line / allow two trailing spaces to push into right margin RRS feed

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  • With a prior Word version, I was able to access a setting that would ALLOW two trailing spaces after a period to push into the right margin and thus not "wrap" one space to the next line (that is, this setting PREVENTED one space from falling on one line and the second space wrapping to the next line).  I usually have no problems with this in Word 2010 but once in a while I run into a document sent from someone else that will have have this problem and I just can't find how to fix it in Word 2010. 

    I know there is a setting that treats two spaces at the end of the line as nonbreaking spaces, which then pushes both spaces AND the word before them onto the next line - I don't want that; I want Word to allow both spaces to trail into the right margin.

    First, what the heck is this setting called? (it's been too long and I can't remember) and
    Second, how to I access this setting in Word 2010?

    THANK YOU to anyone who can help!

    Friday, March 13, 2015 3:23 PM

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  • I found the answer myself: 

    Click on File, Options, Advanced
    Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Advanced screen to "Lay out this document as if created in:"
    Select "Microsoft Word 2010" from the dropdown list
    Hit OK

    This fixed the issue in the problem document I was working on.

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015 9:55 PM