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  • Hi there,

    I recently purchased a Technet Pro subscription and I have a question about the licensing and no one seems to be able to confirm if I can do what I want. So before I go ahead and buy that server for my home, I would like to know if I'm allowed to do what I want to do. I asked the "license specialist" at my office and he wasn't sure.

    So here it is.. I want to buy a powerful desktop machine (powerful processus, 16 or 32 Gb of Ram and a fast HD) to be able to test different microsoft product (mainly SharePoint and EPM). Since I want to test many different situation/configuration, I thought of using virtual machine so I don't have to re-install everything from scratch everytime I want to test a new configuration/situation.

    So I thought of creating a Virtual Machine called "Clean Windows 2008 R2 Installation" and install Windows 2008 R2 from my Technet subscription. Then I would copy that virtual machine and name the new copy "Clean EPM 2010 Installation". Then I would clone that VM twice (or as many scenario I need to test) and name them "EPM 2010 Scenario A" and "EPM 2010 Scenario B" and so on. That way, I would only need to install windows 2008 R2 once and EPM 2010 once.

    My question is since Technet Pro only offer a limited quantity of key per product, will this setup work or will I run out of product key? Would I need 1 Windows 2008 R2 key per VM or since the VM would be cloned, it will be ok?

    Keep in mind that all VM will be run from the same physical machine.

    I hope I described my situation clearly enough, if not, do not hesitate to communicate with me.



    Martin Bittner, MCP

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 4:36 PM