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  • Hello forum friends,

    I have the follow small problem... I want to see all the projects in a report, and also their value (which comes from the opportunity entity). So there is a link between the Project entity and Opportunity. Now sometimes a Project can be in a stage where no opportunity is added to it yet, but I still would like to see that Project on my report.

    With the query that I wrote now it shows only the Projects that also have an Opportunity. How can I change this query so that it also shows the Projects that have no Opportunity?

    SELECT     FilteredNew_project.new_name, FilteredNew_project.new_projectid, FilteredNew_project.new_statusname, FilteredNew_project.new_projecttypename, 
                          FilteredNew_project.new_enddate, FilteredNew_project.new_estimatedenddate, FilteredNew_project.new_estimatedstartdate, 
                          FilteredNew_project.new_startdate, FilteredOpportunity.estimatedvalue
    FROM         FilteredNew_project INNER JOIN
                          FilteredOpportunity ON FilteredNew_project.new_projectid = FilteredOpportunity.new_projectid
    Tuesday, August 4, 2009 8:43 AM