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  • I have a Test environment with one web server running Windows 2012 and CRM 2013 (SP1 [KB2941390] with RU3 [KB2953252]) and one SQL Server with Windows 2012 and SQL 2012 SP1 (SRS also installed here).  If I wanted to install a second web server what's the process to install it with the patch and service pack?  In the past when I've done this I've had to setup a CRMSetup XML configuration file with the Patch Update option pointing to the Roll-up MSP file, but is there any way to also include CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 as well so it along with Roll-up 3 get installed concurrently on a new web server?  Seems like CRM sometimes gives fits if the new web server isn't on the same version as the Configuration database.

    Or would I just install Roll-up 3 through the CRM Setup configuration file then install SP1 manually afterwards?  

    Thanks for any advise.

    Update: I'm installing CRM 2013 RTM with the CRMSetup XML referencing the MSP file in KB2953252 (RU1 for SP1), and it's installing without any issues.  Based on this does RU1 for SP1 (KB2953252) contain all the same updates as SP1 (KB2941390)?  Though the install is still running on this second web server it's already added itself to the CRM Deployment Manager under Servers with Version 6.1.0001.0132 which is the correct version number for SP1 with RU1.  I wanted to be sure I'm not missing something.   Also I have the option set not to use Microsoft Updates to install CRM updates, so this had to come from the MSP file.

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  • Hi!

    There isn't an update called SP1 UR3 (yet!) It sounds like you have installed UR3 prior to installing SP1 - and then installed SP1. In order to get the original server up to date with the second you'll need to install SP1 UR1.

    All servers should show the same version number in Deployment Manager.

    Hope this helps,


    Scott Durow
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    Monday, October 13, 2014 6:09 PM
  • Scott,

    That's what I'm confused about because I did not install SP1, only Rollup 1 for SP1.  My process was this:

    • Extract the CRM 2013 RTM to a directory - C:\BIN\CRM2013
    • Extract Rollup 1 for SP1 (KB2953252) to another directory  - C:\BIN\CRM2013_Update
    • Create C:\BIN\CRM2013\install.cfg with the following

    <Patch update="true">C:\BIN\CRM2013_Update\Server_KB2953252_amd64_1033.msp</Patch>

    • Run the following: 

    C:\BIN\CRM2013\Setupserver.exe /config C:\BIN\CRM2013\install.cfg

    • Configuration starts, and I go through the steps to connect to my existing SQL Server has already been upgraded to CRM 2013 SP1 Rollup 1 through my first web server (this is my second web server I'm installing) which I upgraded last week.
    • I also didn't enable updates, so no updates were pulled from the Internet.
    • Install ran as expected, and after it completed the second web server (Full Server in Roles) was setup with version 6.1.0001.0132 which reflects the first web server and SQL Server.

    So I did not install CRM 2013 Service Pack 1.  Either this is still needed and the version number doesn't reflect this or everything in CRM 2013 SP1 is also included in KB2953252.  The second web server functions as expected with no issues thus far.

    Thanks for any insight...

    Monday, October 13, 2014 6:41 PM