Use same Content Page in more than one Course RRS feed

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  • I am trying to "sell" LCDS to my company to use as their learning content Authoring tool.

    A big question is, "Can we create content that can be used in several different course? And do we have to modify that page in EVERY course we put it into, or can we edit it in one place and all the courses get updated?"

    I think the answer is, disappointedly, NO but I wanted to ask the experts before I tell the potential new users at our company.

    Along the same lines, they are looking to create a company template to be used in new courses that are created by anyone at the company.  Not a template like a "game" or "introduction" but with a standardized/specific layout with company logos and specific notations about "this is the property of <our company>, etc.  I guessed we would create a course with all this info and pass it out to all the authors.  They would load it into the default folder that LCDS opens to, change the name of it to the course name, then modify it with their specific course details.  Sound right?

    Thanks for your input!!  :)

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011 10:27 AM