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  • Dear Every one ,
    i have created a small tool that removes the virus completely , and fixes all problems that caused by this virus , my program named (AH Remove_fix).
    no computer knowledge required by just one click in less than a second the computer will be removed completely ..

    download Remover

    Zip file contains one exe file that do every thing and one folder called (ASSOC Fixes) that user to fix file assoc. for bat files registry files vbs files , at first run the exe file (run as administrator for vista) and then click on (Destroy Ahsan Virus and fix) every thing about this virus will be removed in less than one second .
    after that run the registry files inside the ASSOC Fixes folder .

    Note : this tool(exe file) will automatically fixes the registry files to work for the fixes that u sre running .

    what this Tool do :
    - Fixes all registry problems caused by this virus
    - Removes all virus data and files from the computer
    - Fixes the environment names and variables Like(My computer , My documents , ...etc)
    - Removes all restrictions like disabled folder option , disabled cmd , ...etc
    - Fixes the internet explorer settings (removes the ahsan title , and he's home page ,...etc)
    - and many more things
    - i set the homepage for internet explorer to (http://www.google.ae), you can change it

    Tips :

    - This tool will work on both Vista and XP .
    - you must run it as administrator on Vista .
    - In Vista you may get a black screen while cleaning this doesn't matter .
    Thursday, May 14, 2009 5:32 AM