تنشيط ويندز ١٠ بعد عمل فورمات لللاب توب RRS feed

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  •  حدثت مشاكل في جهازي و قررت عمل فورمات له و اعادة تثبيت ويندوز ١٠ من خلال دي في دي باستخدام اداة الميديا كريشن تول و لكني لا اعرف ما سيحدث للتشيط الخاص بالويندوز و كيفية تفعيله بعد عمل فورمات لكل الاقراص الصلبة حتي السي علما باني كنت قد اشترت هذا الجهاز و هو عليه ويندوز ٨.١ و قمت بعد ذلك بعمل ترقية له لويندوز ١٠ مجانا و لا املك مفتاح لتشيط الويندوز مرة اخري بعد عمل الفورمات

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  • You have posted in the wrong forum. This forum is for questions and discussions about the TechNet Wiki. I believe you should ask your question in a Microsoft Answers/Community forum dedicated to Windows 10 issues, especially installation/setup. Those forums are on a different platform, so we cannot move this question there. Sorry, you will need to ask your question again. I would start here:


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    Also, you need to either post in a forum for your language, or translate you question into English. Bing Translator gives me the following:

    Two problems occurred and decided his Formate and reinstall Windows 10 through DVD using media tool ' tulle but I don't know what will happen to llchit for Windows and how to activate it after Formate for each HDD so I c I had bought this device and it is Windows 8.1 and you then upgrade work for Windows 10 free and I don't have the key to make Windows again after alformat

    Richard Mueller - MVP Enterprise Mobility (Identity and Access)

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