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  • when a device is needed to be finger friendly, then some feature have to be cut to fit in the large button and other input interface. A good example is the choice of snooze time was cut to 5 min only (accurately no choice) in the latest device HD2. As a result, the problem that people have already complaint about the snooze choice being limited become worse. some people may argue why don't you reschedule the appointment/task, the point is people is lazy or don't want to be distracted their task they are working on by the many taps.

    some people may say there must be a way to retain features while being finger friendly, but the fact tells us programmer is lazy too, the recent opened program list that is found on wm5 & 6 is cut in wm6.5

    then, what you can foresee in wm7 ...
    Thursday, January 7, 2010 8:25 AM