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    We have 7 licensed user accounts with CRM 2011 online. I have following questions:

    1. Can we use CRM 4.0 email router to configure CRM 2011 online? (Reason: One of our friend has CRM 4.0 email router installed and configured for his org. We are trying to save the cost of another server and use that).

    2. We do not have exchange online. Our primary email addresses in our profiles are <name>@<comapnyname>.onmicrosoft.com. We do not have office 365 subscription. How do I configure this? Do I need to buy office 365 accounts to use these email addresses or shall I use my company email addresses like <name>@<companyname>.com.


    Monday, August 26, 2013 9:18 AM


  • Regarding number 2, you can change your primary email address on your user to a company email which will be used in the email router. So basically you're not forced to use the onmicrosoft.com email (though that will remain your login).

    Regarding number 1, you will need to use the CRM 2011 email router with CRM 2011. This also means you will need another server/computer to host it on, as the CRM 4 and 2011 routers cannot run side-by-side.

    However if you don't want to use the email router you could look at just using outlook to send/receive emails and ensure automatic tracking/sending rules.

    Hope that helps


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