Got to be a way to get into a blank screen RRS feed

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  • 2go Classmate PC E12V – 10.1” Rugged Netbook

    I have 8.1 on my 2go tablet and have had it for a little while 4yrs. maybe, it does not take disc and I cannot get to my safe mode I tried f9,f8, repeatedly while it is booting up and after I have signed in etc...   ctrl - alt - delete will get me to the task manager window but when I try to open it, it goes back to blank, a blackish grey screen with just the mouse visible along with the option to restart, shutdown or easy access options that's it. I have software on a (usb memory stick) but It does not recognize the (stick) I'm reading a lot of commentaries and I'm sure 1 will work if I can just get out of the blank screen if need be I'll wipe everything and start from scratch but still can't get pass the blank screen before or after signing in, I see my sign in picture and the screen looks good until after I sign in. On the sticker in the back it tells me to visit http://support.ctl:net it's an older model but a good 1 resolution setting are 800 x 640 recommended or lower besides that, up until right now it has never given me any major issues. I will go to the website again but I didn't have much luck there the last time I submitted a ticket to the IT guys and they said they would get back with me, well I don't want to sit around and wait you guys please respond this is truly my 2go pc, light weight, versatile, fast, carry handle, hard plastic, I can go on and on but it's not doing anything now but slowing me up so come on guys walk me through pls.


     I have since learned to hit f11 and get the bois screen I think that's what it's called and I loaded w8 on a memory stick, it recognizes it so I pg dn 123 hit enter it pauses for about a second and a half and goes back up to 1. I escape and sign in and it acts like it wants to load the m stick but it does not also held the shift key down and hit restart and it took me to a screen where I could try advance refresh, it paused for a while and went right back to the regular refresh screen option which did nothing so something has got in I think and messed me up. Now this system originally started with windows 7 should I try that? or what do you think?

    Pls. respond.

    Saturday, December 13, 2014 2:27 AM