How do you search forums for topics? For example you want to find any unanswered < 8 hours or any thread on boot problems? RRS feed

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  • 1)How can you search for topics that are  8 hours old and that have not yet been answered (this could maximize recognition points)?

    How can you search for topics by subject? 

    a) For example any related to boot problems?

    b) For example any related to Windows update failure?

    c) For example any related to BSOD?

    d) For example any related to black display

    e) For example any related to drive problems?

    f) For example any related to RAM problems?

    g) For example any related to drivers?

    h) For example any related to operating system corruption?

    i) for example any related to drive file system corruption?

    2) Do moderators always pick threads?

    3) Do moderators get assigned threads?

    4) How do all threads eventually get a moderator?

    To view threads:

    The current method that I use is to select IT Pro for each version of Windows and that displays a huge number of threads.  Then I advance through either 100, 200, or 300 and find the same posts that I have already seen. 

    Somehow at 100 to 300 the new posts under 8 hours are almost always missed.  This is after seeing many of my older posts in which there was no new activity in the thread.  How come a day or two later I can see that someone else had responded to the thread and it was not seen through the scroll?

    If the search was used it may display an unanswered post from August 2017.  The thread was answered but was never cosed as an answered thread.  So this methods wastes a lot of time as it displayed an old thread and one that was already answered but not classified as an answer.

    So please indicate how best to find:

    a) threads < 8 hours old that are unanswered

    b) threads with topics of interest rather than scrolling through several hundred thread.

    5) Sometimes there is a thread that i may want to follow but not want to comment on until later.  How do you mark a thread so that you get updates when you have not posted into a thread?

    Monday, March 5, 2018 6:23 AM