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  • Hi!


    I'm running RC1 on a Celeron 2.53Gz with 2GB of RAM and the following hard drives:


    1x 160GB IDE (System Drive)

    3 x 250GB IDE

    3 x 400GB USB


    I've reached the internal storage limits and I'd like to add some kind of Drive Array but it's unclear what the best options are. I'm more concerned with Storage Capacity than performance as I seem to have a nack for filling up TBs very quickly.


    Optimally I'd like to double storage to 5TB and have room to double again without buying new hardware (except drives). I have 3 PCI slots open. Also, I expect to upgrade the tower at some point so I'd prefer if the hardware had some longevity. Cost isn't really an issue but I'd like to stay under $500 before hard drives.






    Sunday, August 19, 2007 8:13 PM


  • Hi,

    If cost not an issue here, then best to get one of the raid constoller (yes, I know we do not need raid with whs), the point to get ports, and in good speed as well.

    I recommended something like Areca or 3ware card, sure I will go with pci-e or pci-x (for speed matters), but since the option with pci, then fine.

    I put one of these card like 8 or 12 ports, let for now, say the 8-ports pci one, then I would buy either 1tb or 750gb hard disks (depended on the cost you want to go by at this point).

    The above controller as we will just use them for none-raid, even so, we will get way better speed, way better insure for our data, from many years with data storage issue, I find connecting your hard disk with good controller, give better result for hard disk MTBF issue than to use the MB ports (personal view tho).

    Again, it depended how you see it:

    1 - Option as, just replace the hard disks with bigger one, from 250, and 400 to 1tb or 750gb.
    2 - Invest in better controller, and add bigger or more hard disk.
    3 - Cheap controller and then add more drive etc.

    My best.
    Monday, August 20, 2007 3:13 PM