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  • I started trying to install the RC just over 24 hours ago.  With 7 actual hours of work on the issues I encountered, I am pleased to announce it looks as tho' I finally get to use the RC.  I post this only for the possible benefit of those who may run into similar issues.

    1.  Install quit with the I/O error 8007045d during the first file copy.  Each time, it was while copying DOTNET.FX or the connector ISO.  I read the forum, and all the great advice.  I followed the install problem checklist -- ISO crc checked out ok - on both downloads.  DVD burned at slowest speed - four times.  Two different computers used to burn, using three different DVD media (sony, memorex; -r, -rw and +rw).  After all that, along with swapping IDE connectors, primary/secondary drives, and refusing the driver load for the SATA card, the system still kept bombing out with an I/O error, so it finally dawned on me that it must be a hardware issue.  A trip to CompUSA and $50 later, I swapped out the Memorex multi-DVD/CD-RW with a new Sony CD-RW/DVD rom drive.  Bingo!  Now the install proceeded past the initial file load, and into the text mode, until...

    2.  BSOD, with error 0000007e (and three others), after my SATA card driver loads.  I reboot twice, get two more BSODs with the same errors, and agree with the text that I've probably got an issue with my video card (ATI Radeon 7000 series) and remove it.  I reboot only to hear...

    3.  Three beeps from the post and no video output.  Fortunately, I don't have a large trash can in the office, or this project would have been toast!  I try a systematic troubleshoot, with no success.  I finally RTFM, and note that the 3 beeps are a memory issue.  Did I dislodge the memory while uninstalling the AGP card?  So I remove and reseat the memory, and reboot.

    Voila!  Finally - install proceeds through completion!  This has been a long day...it's time for an adult beverage.  I'll deal with the connector tomorrow...
    Meanwhile, somewhere, with the WHS RC,
    Saturday, June 16, 2007 12:43 AM