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  • V2.1 - Clean Install

    I want to be able to rotate drives as you would with tapes on a weekly basis.

    1. I setup a folder set on a USB Drive with folders for each day of the week.  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

    2.  I setup a sync pairs from Server to USB Drive for each of those days.

    3.  I then copied this "Master" USB folder structure (with corresponding .dat files) for duplication onto additional USB Drives before doing an sync's.

    4.  I setup daily command line scheduled tasks to sync the Server folder the USB drive for each day.

    5.  I ran SyncToy on USB Drive #1 and it copied ALL the files from the Server to the USB Drive #1.

        This proceeded for the remainder of the week giving me FULL copies of the Server files in each of the corresponding days USB Folder.

    6.  I copied the "Master" USB folder structure to USB Drive #2.  (This copied folder structure would be unchanged from the initial setup and copy from step #3)

    7.  I changed out the USB Drive with USB Drive #2 and waited for my scheduled task to run overnight.

        I am now only getting the files that have changed on the Server even tho the USB Drive #2 has no files and the original blank .dat file from step #3.

    I have 5 .dat files on the Server which I assume correspond with my 5 sync pairs.

    I understand that I could setup numerous sync pairs and corresponding schedules to allow for rotating multiple drives but that would be a cumbersome mess.

    Are the 5 .dat files on the Server somehow keeping track of what was last sync'd ?  If so, why not keep that info in the USB Drive .dat file ?

    Is there a solution that will allow me to successfully rotate my USB Drives as described and allow them to "play catchup" when their turn comes around ?

    Thanks in advance,


    Wednesday, July 14, 2010 4:55 PM