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  •       It think it might be beneficial to have a new forum "Expression Technical Help" which could deal with the problems of installing Expression components, upgrading and Expression functioning problems. The current forums seem to deal with only the running of the program.  But they are not an area where you can ask a question of why a component of Expression doesn't run or runs poorly.

          Even if you can't get a knowledgable moderator for the forum, at least give the Expression user a shot for some assistance from fellow users who might have had the same problems. I do understand that the people posting solutions are volunteers and don't work for MS (I've read that response so many times I want to scream).

           I frequent many different forums ranging from satellite TV, computer components, other software,etc,etc....and they all have technical help topic forums for their product.  And quite frankly I seen many technical problems answered by others who frequent the forum, not from the product service techs. I have been resolving problem this way when we computer users were using BBS's to communicate with each other and Microsoft was begging people to become certified in DOS.

           Yes I am dating myself, but my contention still holds, people will tend to help people who are experiencing the same issues they had or they found a resolution for someone else and gladly passed it on to the current person in need.

           Again, just a suggestion.

    Michael Brelish

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011 11:40 PM