Hard Drive Removal Conflicts: The File Exists RRS feed

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  • Hello - I'm trying to remove a HDD that the console reported was failing. I started getting error popus saying that there were file conflicts and the WHS Console reported that one of the drives was failing (under the "Server Storage" tab) and that one of the shares under Users was unhealthy (under the "Shared Folders" tab). To correct I tried removing the HDD using the Remove option in the WHS Console under Server Storage.

    During the removal process I got conflicts due to "IO device error" on 4 files (png and gif files in my case) that prevented removal. I followed the troubleshooting and ran chkdsk. This reported some errors which it fixed.

    I then tried running HDD removal again, but the error has now changed to "the file exists" for the same 4 files. If I go into the C:\fs\14\DE\shares\Users\... path where these files are located I can see them there on the drive.

    Note that the WHS console now has cleared the error on the physical drive itself in the "Shared Folders" and "Sever Storage" tabs, i.e. the console is not reporting any errors directly. Its only the HDD removal itself that it still reporting an error.

    Should I just physically remove the drive at this point?

    Thursday, January 5, 2012 4:58 AM