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  • My experience with activation on my Vista OEM Business 64 was the following

    1. I have installed Vista on one HDD and I activated it with the key I received. It worked
    2. I added 2 disks in RAID 1 on my Intel 965.
    3. I restored a backup on the new array (i wanted the added reliability of RAID)
    4. It prompted me to do a recovery (since boot config changed and the loader could not cope)
    5. After booting into the recovered system it told me the hw has chaqnged and i needed to activate.
    6. I called the helpdesk in India and got a new key - the guy on the phone also told me that the HDD serial no. it's beeing monitored in Vista for activation
    7. some months have passed and at each boot i got warnings from the SLC that the change threshold was at 3/4 or smth like that - i was unable to look-up the id online. Anyway since windows reported that it's activated i did not think much about that
    8.Today i installed the new Intel RAID drivers and I was prompted again to activate. It went fine (no new code required this time).

    - Is there a counter that with any driver instalation it goes down one position until I will have to get another key (Buy another Vista)?
    - I find it somehow exagerated to  monitor the instalation HDD because, for an unlucky person, that can change (hw failures caused by power spikes or just by faulty media)
    - where are the exact conditions for the reactivation request (some docs maybe)?
    - if i replace one hdd in my RAID will I be forced to reactivate? (this would mean that using RAID for the sys partition is almost useless - you get to keep the data but the OS might be locked until you phone in)

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    Sunday, July 29, 2007 8:09 AM



    Please try phone activating and speak with a customer service representative when you're given the option. You can get started with phone activation by typing "slui.exe 4" in the search field in the Start Menu and pressing Enter. 

    When you do make hardware changes it may require reactivation. If the online activation fails then you will need to activate over the phone following the step above.This should allow you to activate and resolve the issue for you.
    Monday, July 30, 2007 5:32 PM