Workflows: Timeouts from SQL Server editing or searching for them (CRM 2011) RRS feed

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  • General use / navigation of CRM for users is good, fast and workflows process in a timely manner - however when admin staff attempt to edit or create a new process, the page load times-out

    It also happens if we do an Advanced Find on system jobs where type = workflow (search times-out)

    Doing a Find on other entities are fine, so my first thought is a bad index - or a missing index. Where should I be checking?

    AsyncOperationBase contains 3.2 million records but has been recently culled using article KB968520; however the remaining indexes total 3GB and have been re-built

    The POA table has also recently been cleaned, 1.3 million rows remain and the new indexes total 345MB with no fragmentation

    The WorkflowLogBase table contains 350,000 rows, indexes are good

    Of course we have not changed the out-the-box indexes created, or added our own. The CRM jobs run every night and "re-indexing" succeeds, however the "cleanup workflows" one does not, and neither does the system-created bulk delete job "delete completed system jobs"

    Tried increasing the OLEDBTimeout, no effect

    Any ideas on what's causing the slowdown loading these types of pages? Which indexes to re-build / re-organise?

    Many thanks

    (CRM 2011 Rollup 6, SQL Server 2008 R2)

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014 4:37 AM