Error stopping a Business Rule from Running RRS feed

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  • CRM 2013 UR2

    2 CRM fields, telephone1 (telephone number) and new_invalidphonenumber (optionset 1,0)

    We have a business rule which shows an error on the telephone1 field if the new_invalidphonenumber field = 1, this works fine, I now want to set the new_invalidphonenumber field to 0 upon change of the telephone1 field which we are doing through javascript with this simple bit of code

    function SetInvalidPhoneNumberOff() {
        var value = '0';

    We can see the new_invalidphonenumber field changing to 0, but the Business Rule still highlights Telephone1 as an error. If we manually change new_invalidphonenumber to 0 then the Business Rule error is cleared as expected, why does it clear when javascript updates the field? is there a way to do this?


    Wednesday, April 2, 2014 8:20 AM


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