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  • I am running an HPC Cluster on Azure VM's. I wish to create a SOA session using the REST API. I send a "POST" request with the URI of https://headnode.cloudapp.net/WindowsHpc/HPC_cluster_name/Sessions/Create. I get an exception "The method with URI ... is not registered.

    This is the exact same (unanswered) question ask on July 15, 2013 by Sanjeev Bhutt. http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/f59fbd8d-bfdf-4f28-924a-15ae4fea5bad/method-not-registered-error-when-attempting-to-create-session-via-rest-api-on-hpc-cluster-hosted

    I believe the problem is that the REST API thinks my Azure Cluster is on premise, not in Azure. When I call the "Get Node" API and look at the "Location" property, I get the value "OnPremise". I should be getting one of the other four possible values. All of the SOA API's are only valid for Azure deployments; therefore the SOA API does not exist.

    I assume I have something set up wrong. I can find almost no documentation on how to setup an Azure HPC cluster under IAAS, so I am shooting in the dark here. I do have the sample "HelloWorld" service installed and functioning using the .Net API (on the Head Node only).

    My environment is HPC Pack 2012 - SP1 running on Windows Server 2012.  Right now I only have one Head Node VM also defined as the Broker Node and a Compute Node (default installation).  I will try adding an Compute Node to the cluster later today to see if it makes any difference.

    Update:  I did change the cluster.  Now the Head Node is defined as both a Head Node and a Broker Node.  I have seperate VM's for the Compute Nodes.  This did not change anything, my problem still exists.

    Thanks for any help.


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  • As you pointed out, there are two threads dealing with the same problem:

    SOA REST API calls fail in IAAS (On-Premises) installs.

    The problem is that the SOA REST API is not available for "On-Premises" installs of the HPC stack.  It is only available in the (discontinued) Windows Azure HPC Scheduler (WAHS).  An IAAS install of the (full/normal) HPC sku is an "On-Premises" install.

    There is a confusing name clash between "Running the 'Scheduler' in Azure VMs" and "Windows Azure HPC Scheduler". 

    The Scheduler REST API is available in both install topologies... so the error that is returned is the Scheduler REST API seeing a request for a SOA URI.  Without the SOA REST listener installed, all SOA URIs will be unrecognized.

    SOA REST API is only available in WAHS (v3sp3 to v4rtm.  Discontinued in v4sp1).


    Wednesday, October 9, 2013 5:47 PM