4 Microsoft Excel Skills That Every Manager and Executive Must Possess RRS feed

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  • You think you know everything about Microsoft Excel and consider yourself an expert of the program? Well, think again as you may be one of those programmers who believe they know everything but still takes forever to complete reporting on a single spreadsheet. They have no idea that the time they spend on their tasks can be cut significantly, only if they really know how to make use of it.

    Excel is one of the finest database management software and it certainly assists all the management of the companies and their executives in accurate reporting and analysis of data, which is extremely significant if they wish to enhance their productivity. Hence, having critical excel skills is something every manager and executive must have. Below are given some of the excel skills managers must possess:

      • Data processing: It is important to learn how to process data as it can be extremely beneficial in Enterprise Resource Planning (ESP). Implementation of the system may easily take a couple of years and by that time, the environment changes a lot. In such cases, ERP system needs to process additional data and this is where efficient excel skills of managers and executives come into play. However, if the person is not fully accustomed to program’s efficiency, he or she would take hours in manually creating the formulas to get things done, which will waste a lot of valuable time and resource.

      • Data Consolidation: Every company needs to use a single ERP system, but this is not the case these days as every business wishes to buy a kind of system that is best suited for them. Hence, executives and managers are required to consolidate multiple data sources, which is quite difficult to achieve. With data consolidation skills, employee can easily copy and paste over thousands of rows data from one spreadsheet to another.

      • Reporting: With current technology and latest inventions, capturing more and more data has become very easy, which has open great opportunity in decision making. This makes the managers and executives to work with more rows that ever before and if the person is not skilled enough in summarizing that amount of data with Excel, it would take hours for him to make appropriate reports.

      • Data analysis: With new trends are coming and leaving everyday, and creativity are asked in almost every sector, it is expected from all the managers to provide new insights to the business and come up with brilliant ideas. Even though excel cannot increase their creativity or insight of business, it can surely help them with better data analysis that will help them identify the new trend and patterns.

      These are few excel skills every manager and executive needs to have in order to make right decisions for the business and help the company to deal with financial issues and provide excellent services to the customers. Excel has been used by almost every firm since its emergence and even though, many such programs have come that offers new and varieties of specifications, Microsoft Excel is still the most widely employed and admired data analysis and reporting application. Therefore, if you feel you are spending too much time on data evaluation, then learn these skills and you can contribute to your organization more.

    Thursday, May 26, 2016 8:28 AM