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    Current situation:


    Server 1 (Intel C2D E8400, 6Gb RAM), Windows 2008 Server 64x with CRM 4.0 Workgroup Edition deployed.

    Server 2 (Intel C2Quad Q9550, 8Gb RAM), Windows 2008 Server 32x with SQL Server 2008 standard edition.


    Everything is running well for a few months until server 2 crashed with data loss due to a hardware problem. I did a restore and everything was up and running again.


    I start monitoring server 2 and it seems it has stability issues. The supplier can't find out why so they blame my customer the software is faulty and vica versa.


    They won't buy a third server because of budget limitations.


    My suggestions:


    install Virtual Server on server 1 and install a VS with the same environment as in server 2. Then move the databases to the new VS environment and change CRM config settings. Can server 1 handle this load? Because they use CRM 4 WG Edition, they're limited to five simultanious users.


    same solution as above, but keep server 2 as their production environment but let SQL 2008 mirror its databases to the virtual environment on server 1.


    Any other suggestions?


    Thanks in advance,



    Tuesday, January 27, 2009 3:09 PM


  • For 5 users, the server will probably be able to handle the load.  However, unless the server is in the DMZ, why bother with the VS?  Just install SQL on the base OS.
    Matt, MVP - Dynamics CRM
    Monday, February 2, 2009 10:11 PM