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  • Hello,

    after I used SyncToy 1.4 for several months and was very happy with it's features (although I missed some), I discovered the new and improved SyncToy 2.0 was out and decided to give it a try.

    I encontered several minor and major problems after the upgrade so I decided to revert back to version 1.4.

    I use SyncToy only with the 'Contribute' Option to backup/archive some of my files to an external HD. In the 1.4 version I missed an option to exclude files by pattern, which was introduced in 2.0. Although this feature worked fine, some other features, which I relied upon, did not work.

    Minor Problems:

    - after the upgrade (did a full sync before) the tool had to resync about 10% of all the files (with no apparent reason) - this was minor, because it happened just once after the upgrade

    Major Problems:

    - Renaming of files and/or moving of files into another folder did not work in the new version
      This worked fine in 1.4 and not at all in 2.0 - the renamed files were just copied for another time and the file with the old name still existed in the target folder
    - No memory of 'unselection' after Preview
      Usually I use the preview feature - in version 1.4 I was able to unselect the checkbox of a file so it was not copied to the destination folder and SyncToy remembered this 'unselection' of the file for future syncs. This feature was not as cool as the new exclude feature in 2.0, but much easier to use and I got clearer feedback which files were copied and which were not.

    Has anyone else encountered these problems after the upgrade, or did I do something wrong when updating to 2.0?

    As of now, I have reverted to 1.4.
    Thursday, November 20, 2008 10:47 AM

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    sorry for the inconvenience.

    Minor Problem : this is expected, for there are some infrastructure differences, as you find it it will only affect at the first time after upgrade. Also I suppose it will not resync the 10% files, if you do a fully sync before upgrade.


    Major Problems:


     rename in the left folder - leads to rename in the right folder.

     rename and change contents in the left folder - leads to delete and new operate in the right folder.

     rename and change contents and move to other folder - - leads to delete and new operate in the right folder.

     I donot know which matrix your take, seems no difference i found.


    - yes, there is a difference here.in V1.4 if you unselect a file in preview, it will still keep being unselected next time preview. I think this is right activity. For if you do not want to sync something, you can unselected it at "change options ..." -> "select subfolder", this unselect will be remembered. Otherwise, you unselected a file in preview, it should be treated as you just do not want it to be synced just this time, do you agree with me? 




    Friday, November 21, 2008 3:07 AM