trouble subscribing RRS feed

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  • my e-mail is Danielsrad@sbcglobal.net


    I currently have the trial version of the Microsoft live onecare I have been trying to subscribe to have found it to be very difficult below is the error message I have been receiving.


    Warning: the web page which you are about to visit may attempt to request your personal information (such as passwords, credit card numbers and social security numbers) for unauthorized use or may otherwise attempt to harm your computer.


    Malicious web sites can use this type of address in order to disguise themselves.   The destination may appear to be:




    but the actual destination is:




    This happens after it asks me to go online which is a step two is seems to recognize my windows I D. but then gives me this error message, then gives me the option to continue when I press yes it seemingly tries to connect , but then is action canceled , and returns me back to step one or two. I have been trying to get help from one care and am finding my issue not related to those on some of the board's . I have purchased a CD and am still experiencing the same issue . If someone could please e-mail me with a solution I would like to remain with this program so far everything else works fine .
    Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:53 PM