Not able to debug the C/C++ (native) ODBC driver code, while using Power query of Excel and Power BI RRS feed

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  • I have written an SQLite ODBC Driver by leveraging open source. This code in c/c++ (native). Now, when I try to debug my driver code, with Excel using the legacy wizard (to fetch data), breakpoints always get hit. But whenever I tried to debug my code using power query, same code, same driver DLL, (cross-check DLL with the latest code, since breakpoint hit when going with the legacy wizard) breakpoint never hit. I looked into "Module" window of VS2017/2015. It doesn't show my driver DLL but still, data successfully get fetched. Same issue I am facing with Power BI.I don't understand without loading driver DLL how excel/power Bi is fetching data. Now, there is some defect I need to resolve, which is generating only if the user tries to fetch data using Power Query( Get data->from ODBC). Until I won't able to debug, I can't resolve the defect.
    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 9:41 AM


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