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  • I can draw a blue box around an area on my video player and clone that part of the picture. however, it seems that if I get to close to the end of the picture I get an out of memory exception. However, I am not that close to the  edges, and over all, I should never be getting that exception, because I am drawing  inside the video player...

    here is my code:

      // alignment camera's dimensions with the video player
            private Bitmap alignment()
                // making a new Bitmap using the video player's dimensions
                Bitmap tempBitmap = new Bitmap(videoSourcePlayer.Width, videoSourcePlayer.Height);
                // making a new Graphic from that bitmap
                Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(tempBitmap);
                // getting picture from the camera
                Bitmap originalBmp = videoSourcePlayer.GetCurrentVideoFrame();
                while (originalBmp == null)
                    originalBmp = videoSourcePlayer.GetCurrentVideoFrame();
                //making new  bitmap using the  Graphics g 
                g.DrawImage(originalBmp, 0, 0, videoSourcePlayer.Width, videoSourcePlayer.Height);
                // returning the new bitmap 
                return tempBitmap;

      Bitmap getPic2() // I removed the int i2, you did not need it at a  parameter, you did not need it
                Bitmap bmp = null;
                Bitmap tempB = null;
                // getting the current image from the video player
                bmp = alignment();//videoSourcePlayer.GetCurrentVideoFrame();
                // if somehow the box is bigger than the video Source Player control than just used the  
                // videoSourcePlayer Width and hight  
                if (_endIR.X > videoSourcePlayer.Width - 1)
                    _endIR = new System.Drawing.Point(videoSourcePlayer.Width - 1, _endIR.Y);
                if (_endIR.Y > videoSourcePlayer.Height - 1)
                    _endIR = new System.Drawing.Point(_endIR.X, videoSourcePlayer.Height - 1);
                if (_stIR2.X >= 0 && _stIR2.Y >= 0 && _endIR.X < videoSourcePlayer.Width && _endIR.Y < videoSourcePlayer.Height)
                    //if (_endIR.X - _stIR2.X >= 0 && _endIR.Y - _stIR2.Y >= 0)
                    //Taking the dimensions from the box and using that to cut out a new image from the current video stream
                    int recW = Math.Abs( _endIR.X - _stIR2.X);
                    int recH = Math.Abs(_endIR.Y - _stIR2.Y);
                        tempB = bmp.Clone(new Rectangle(_stIR2.X, _stIR2.Y, recW, recH), bmp.PixelFormat);
                        if (bmp != null)
                            // free up the memory 
                            bmp = null;
                return tempB;

    his exception at all.

    here is my code :

    Wednesday, December 4, 2019 8:37 PM

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  • Make sure that Rectangle is valid. Use Debugger to check the coordinates and sizes before calling Clone.

    Wednesday, December 4, 2019 9:09 PM
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