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  • Hello my name is Sean Sullivan and I had a email account that was linked with my gamertag,Zalein8,but my eamil is blocked. Please help I have did everything. Please unblock it? I have done so much and I have microsoft points on that gamertag and I have two years of membership. I have to throw all of this away just because my account got blocked? My mother and I tried everything and she finally said "all that money wasted"?. She told me this was my last shot at getting my account back and I knew it was. So please I have always like microsoft but now that this happened I just dont know If I like them anymore? I have tried resetting the password but it would send the code to a email address I dont even know. I have tried Email recovery. And the only reason I dident know some of the answers on the recovery was because I was in a rush just to get a Gamertag that I rushed. So please could you unblock it. Some websites told me to come here to ask a worker to unblock it. Please I did nothing. Is it really my fault I have to throw away all that hard work on my gamertag just because someone hacked my email? PLEASE UNBLOCK IT!. if you look at the info at the bottom My emails are basicly the same and my gamertag is zalein too. So does that show some proof. If you have anymore qeustions about the account just leave a qeustion in the comments.

    blocked email: zalein@live.com

    Current email Zalein4565@live.com


    Saturday, June 23, 2012 5:18 AM

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  • i have the exact same problem and nothing is working could someone please reply to this post? i really need my account unblocked i have so much money on this account!!!!

    blocked email: rahxenoeph@hotmail.com

    currrent email: rajxenoeph@live.com

    gamertag: RajXenoeph

    Friday, July 6, 2012 2:22 PM