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  • I'm really getting sick of Microsoft and its lies. I have a blogger account. I had a different word processor. I was told that I could blog directly from MS Word 2007 by a writeup on Microsoft's website. I went to my local PC world and checked out the product. Turns out it says so on the box. So I bought WORD, installed it, registered my blogger account, and everything was fine. Then one day, WORD refused to blog. It kept giving me error messages. I went to "Manage Account", removed my account and tried registering it again, and it gave me a "Word cannot register account." There was a link to a help site. The help site is about as worthless as trying to learn advanced math from a 2 year old. Absolutely nothing on there, except the basic rubbish anyone with a brain would know how to fix. I went to blogger and checked to see that my username and password hadn't changed. They hadn't. Everything was the same.

    I posted this question on Google help, and the people on there said that Microsoft products don't work well with google. So, in other words, I wasted my money buying MS Word since MS Word refuses to functio with anything that is associated with Google? I refused to believe it. That would be like buying a Windows 7 and I can't browse google. So I came on here, to a Microsoft Forum, hoping somebody can explain why on earth I can't register my blogger account. And please don't tell me to download Windows Live Writer. If all I had to do was download that, why did Microsoft lie about blogging from Word 2007 and not simply say "use windows live writer" when I read the product description???

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    Tuesday, June 29, 2010 12:42 PM

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  • Hi Glen

    While I can appreciate your frustration, you've directed it at the wrong forum. End-user issues need to be posted on the Answers site. It is physically not possible for me to move your message from here to the appropiate place - there's no connection between the forum sets.

    This forum supports developers programming with Word. The technological knowledge about how the "blogging" feature works (or doesn't) is not available here.

    I'm going to move this message to "off-topic" - because that's exactly what it is for the forums on this set of servers. Please re-post here:


    Cindy Meister, VSTO/Word MVP
    Tuesday, June 29, 2010 3:39 PM