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  • Hi,

    I haved suffered yet another issue with file corruption on my home server and now the backup database appear to be lost after going through the repair process. I am now trying to creatr a new backup of my laptop, but the backup process consistently fails at 94%.

    I must say I am getting really tired of all the issues I had with my home server in terms of corrupt files, unhealthy disks, chkdsk  etc. I am confident that this is not hardware related as I swopped out most parts by now, and a scan through this forum tells me that this is not unusual at all and the only answer to be found is to "submit a bug" (which I can't be asked to do as there must be enough bugs submitted by now on these issues) or rebuild your server.

    I am about to give up on Home server, but until I can find time to consider alternatives and migrate all my data, if anyone have any suggestions (other than reinstall again or submit a bug) to how to to get my backup to finish it would be much appreciated.


    Thursday, November 20, 2008 10:28 PM

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  • Hi Niclas,
    please check the event log on your client.
    There should be found an event, which gives a few more details, why backup stopped.
    You should also issue a bug report via Microsoft Connect as outlined in the sticky thread in the top of this forum.
    This may help to resolve such stuff in the future.
    I had also some situations in the past on a WHS, which is also my Beta test system, which had to be fixd by various means:
    • reset of backup database (with WHS Toolkit, drawback: You loose all client backups, if you didn't save them before)
    • chkdsk /f /r on a client disk, which always caused cancellations
    • changing the network card of a client (seems it was somewhat bugged and so overloaded the system ressources during the backup after transfering a certain amount of data)
    • reinstall a client on a new disk (the old disk had some bad sectors, causing VSS to fail on a volume)
    Best greetings from Germany
    Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:15 PM